Ad Buyers Mastermind London 2017
The Ad Buyers Mastermind on Facebook Ads is scheduled for October 2017 in London. This is a Two Day Event plus a networking lunch the day before the Mastermind begins. This event will be limited to 25 people only. (Oliver Kenyon and Andy Haskins) will be co-hosting this event and doing a session on Advanced Landing Page optimization also! Secure your spot now before it's too late! As of October 12th there are 3 spots left!
Here's What You Get:
  • Networking Lunch (Wednesday October 25, 2017) - 2 Hour Lunch for Networking / Business Round Table (BONUS - OPTIONAL)
  • Day One (Thursday October 26, 2017) - 6 Hour Mastermind on Facebook Ads & Networking (12pm-6pm)
  • Day Two (Friday October 27, 2017) - 6 Hour Mastermind on Facebook Ads & 2 Hour Group Networking Dinner (12pm-8pm)
  • Both days will consist of some advanced best practices on landing pages, How to maintain Ad Accounts, Facebook ads, 1-on-1 Help, Group Q&A, multivariate setup/optimization tutorial, Special "Golden Nuggets", tons of actionable tips and tricks you can implement immediately for instant ROI and much much more! ($24,000 Value)
  • BONUS #1: You will be given access to a mastermind-only attendee Slack group that is intermediate and advanced level Media Buyers and Advertisers Only. 
  • BONUS #2: You will get an advanced course on Landing Page Optimization by pagesource! (Oliver Kenyon and Andy Haskins!). This is a huge treat for everyone.
  • This is well over 15 hours you get to spend with me learning advanced tips and tricks. This is over a $24,000 value. There will be 20 spots available. All other bonuses are included. The price for the first 10 tickets sold for all 3 days is only $5,000 if paid fully up front. After that all the prices will go up to $6,000 for the remaining tickets. You can pay securely using the form on the right. Lock in your spot right now. You also have the option to split into two easy payments of $2,500 for the first 10 seats.  (One payment today of $2,500 to secure your spot and one payment of $2,500 in thirty days billed automatically). Once the first 10 tickets are sold you will be able to pay the $6,000 in full or split into 2 payments of $3,000. 
  • Whether you are already making a lot from Facebook Ads or relatively new, you will benefit the most from this as you will be able to instantly see a measurable ROI from this event. This will take you years ahead and save you hundreds of thousands in lost profits over the years it would have taken you to learn. Those of you already making money from Facebook Ads, on average this event will double your ROI. This should be a no brainer. Secure your spot now! I have had over 100 attendees at my Masterminds and EVERYONE has loved them. Everyone says they would have been happy to pay $15,000-$20,000 for it! Don't miss out!
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Here is a summary of what will be covered:

  • Business Manager vs Personal Ad Account
  • Getting a Facebook Rep
  • Ad Policy
  • Server Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Affiliate Offers Best Practices
  • Analytics (Outside of FB)
  • Audiences/Demographic Research (Outside of FB)
  • Competitor Analysis/Spy Tools
  • Audience/Demographic Research on FB
  • Facebook Campaign Objectives and When to Use
  • Ads (Who, What, Where, When, How, Why)
  • Psychology of an Ad and the Funnel
  • Facebook Reporting
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalikes
  • Hacking the Facebook Algorithm
  • How to start your own lead gen offer
  • How to start your own ecommerce store
  • LOTS of Advanced Strategies and Misc. Tips
  • & Much Much more!
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